Senior Warden’s Station

Brothers, thanks to those who ENTHUSIASTICLY participated in the ‘Badger the Past Masters’ Table Lodge. We’re well into Fall and coming up next month is our ‘bingo trip’ to the VA on the 2nd of November, one of the high points of our year.

Details on the 4 December Steakout Lodge Holiday party are in this TB, so mark your calendars along with the 2014 Installation of Lodge Officers on 4 January. Suggestions for events to include on next year’s schedule are always welcome.

MW Brother Joe Harker has initiated a new Lodge polo shirt that he debuted at the Table Lodge and it is an excellent shirt. The sample and order sheet will be at the Stated Meeting in November.

Also looking forward to 2014 are the normal changes in Lodge leadership. Specifically, our Secretary is looking for additional assistants. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in our Lodge’s operations.

If you need to be included in the next Freemasons 363 nametag order, please contact me at 920-
535-0515 or