To become a member of Freemasons Lodge No. 363, a man must possess certain qualifications. First, he must be a man of the legal age of 18. Second, he must be of good character. Third, he must believe in a God or Deity that brings peace, love and harmony to all.

He must come to us of his own free will. Membership is not solicited, and prospective candidates must apply to join of their own accord. If he is interested in joining, his first step should be to approach a friend who is a member of Freemasons Lodge No. 363, or contact the Lodge directly to consult counsel to join.

Membership relies on the recommendation of two Master Masons who are in good standing in our Lodge. Upon petitioning to join, his character will be investigated and the approval of his membership for application must be voted upon by the Lodge. Upon approval, a man must take three vital steps in order to gain full membership to the lodge and become a Master Mason.

All men who qualify to join and wish to sit in fellowship with us are welcome.

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